37Signals are talking about making their place a nicer place to be by:

Last summer we experimented with 4-day work weeks. People should enjoy the weather in the summer. We found that just about the same amount of work gets done in four days vs. five days.


We’re in the process of giving everyone at 37signals a credit card. If you want a book or some software or you want to go to a conference, it’s on us. We just ask people to be reasonable with their spending.

A couple of points strike me as I see this:

  1. If you work for an awesome company or more likely do something you really want to do, it’s more likely that you want to spend more time on it, not less. So why do you need to be there less … ? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting we go down the EA route of forcing 70 hour weeks to be more productive, I’m a firm believer that long days don’t get more done. 4 Days would be great, if I had something else to do in the spare time.
  2. The Credit Card bit I really like, I’ve lost count of the times that I needed to get a book or piece of software for something that is under £100 and been stopped by the purchase policies. The comedy thing is that one sector that already has this is the (Financial) Sales components of most large to medium companies. Question is, how do you manage it ? How do you avoid the “new-toy” syndrome ?

I guess I’m still getting to grips with the blog as things happen thing 🙂 There some interesting things out there, and I do supposedly have a job to do 🙂