…and I find myself wondering if the song of the same name by the Foo Fighters would be as awesome in Chinese. A strange thought.

I’m having a shade of writer’s block currently, which doesn’t bode well for this blog. I was considering a number of things to write about:

  • A catalogue of my journey in, to see if I could manage a day without the District Line breaking, being delayed, trains departing out of order, signal failure, etc… but after a month from having this thought, I know the answer, it is “No”.
  • Various News stories… but I’ve resolved not to write about Politics, there are enough forums for that, or perhaps there aren’t, either way, I’m not turning this blog into a platform.
  • The inexplicable ability of the transport system in the UK to grind to a halt over the holiday periods when people actually need to use it. It seems there is still mentality that assumes you stay at home when there is a holiday, rather then use the rare time to visit friends and relatives who live a bit further away then a weekly journey would allow.
  • Technology based issues, well I’m still reading and working on that, so I’ll get back to you.
  • Upcoming tour of the US… this one might win.

Watch this space…