Well, I’m doing this. My old one went “Pop” just before my wedding, which is getting near to a year ago. So lots of time spent reading up at Toms Hardware about what I should get. I’ve used this as an opportunity for a fresh start, so essentially I’m replacing almost everything I had, with the notable exception of the bluetooth dongle and DVD/CD writers.

In essence I’m getting a new box, which is causing a headache about whether to build or get built. The only decisions so far are:

  • Intel instead of AMD – I want a little more raw “umph”
  • nVidia instead of ATI – Again, it’s the way it’s going.

Then I looked at the OS. Windows is the medium of choice for lots of reasons, and that is not changing. Which flavour is another question. I got an interesting comparison in my inbox a couple of days ago, which even if biased raises an interesting question, do I just wait for Windows 7 ?