As I’ve written before in this blog, the new BBC Homepage is somewhat annoying when viewed on my iPod. Now with the new News pages, they have somehow managed to cripple the Landscape mode on Safari on the iPod. This what you get when you load the website, then rotate the iPod. The navigation panel on the left is now hidden for some reason, which stays hidden even when you then rotate back to portrait, and notice the space on the right… for some reason the page “shifts” over to the left rather then filling the screen.


(apologies for the terrible focus, the protective cover doesn’t play nice with cameras).

This on top of a number of other rendering errors that mean the page doesn’t resize properly and the text is a bit harder to read. This is due partly to the fact that wider pages need more scaling to be used on a mobile platform. Pity that we couldn’t just use the flow layout for the text…

Brilliant. So not only do I need a new widescreen laptop just to read a story, I can’t use a mobile variation either.