I guess people might call it a divisive issue or a bit of a philosophical debate about the pros and cons of the new re-design. It appears that some provide a more granular breakdown and analysis, but hang on:

A handful of iPhone users commented that it didn’t work very well on their browser. I’m sure it won’t look great on my Nokia N95 browsing with the images off, but I don’t really expect the BBC News design to worry too much about edge-cases like that. I guess though, if you’ve invested in the most expensive exclusive UK contract phone that money can buy, you’ll lash out and blame anyone for a poor internet experience rather than Apple 😉

Ok, that was a red flag. Edge cases ? It doesn’t work properly in Safari! Yes the iPhone is expensive, and yes, if your favourite website (or application) doesn’t work you’re going to be a bit annoyed, and yes you need a hefty dose of reality if you think that killing off parts of your audience and telling them what they can or cannot buy or how to use their equipment is a good idea.