Well I’ve managed to do something that people have been trying to persuade me (Nathan, you know who you are!) to take up. I’ve finally learnt the basics of “Go“.

I went to see “The Go Master” at the ICA,  which was it has to be said a very interesting view on the tensions between China and Japan during the Second World War by telling the story of Wu Qingyuan, a prodigy from China living in Japan, who became the top Go player in the world.

After the film, there was a demo by the husband and wife team at Zenmachine.co.uk, who then ran a small workshop to show us the setup and basic play. Folks from the Central London Go Club were also present. It’s now time for me to get some other people hooked and get some practice in! Also need to check out more things at the ICA, it’s a great space to see things in.