Today I read about the statement from the CEO of Virgin Media saying something which we all have thought that ISPs held to be universally true anyway:

In an interview with the Royal Television Society’s Television magazine, far from covering up their intentions, Virgin Media’s new incoming CEO Neil Berkett – who joined the Virgin Media Board just a few days ago – has launched an attack on the ideas and principles behind net neutrality.

“This net neutrality thing is a load of bollocks,” he said, adding that Virgin is already in the process of doing deals to speed up the traffic of certain media providers.

The more scary thing was that whilst looking through some blog posts on this that I came across Phorm. In summary this allows people to deliver targeted content by using deep packet inspection, which is a little like your broadband router doing SPI, except this takes notes of what your applications are actually saying! Ok, bit simplistic, but the issue is that someone is taking your conversations and using them against you. As someone pointed out, what is there to stop people modifying the packets ?!?