I’ve been in two minds about posting this, but since these things have a habit of coming out later, I might as well make sure it goes somewhere where I can see it.

A week ago now, and that is roughly how much time I don’t have to blog, I attended the Anti-BBC/Anti-CNN/Misinformed Media/Pro Chinese protest outside the Houses of Parliament.

There are some blurry pictures below:

Pro China Protest - Houses of Parliment Pro China Protest - Houses of Parliment

From my perspective, this has been a rumbling opinion that has finally been pushed out into the spotlight, which is that the Western Media have a very distinct set of pre-conceptions about how the East is presented.

Seeing the reports from the past few weeks, it is obvious there is a certain “tone” that is being sent out, which in the case of the BBC, is far less objective then the two documentaries currently airing on BBC4 – “A Year in Tibet” (sadly finished) and “Chinese School”.

The impartiality debate has gone on for a long time, Middle Eastern Politics being a prime example, together with the Troubles in Northern Ireland for an example closer to home. It is a difficult thing to do, especially when there is a large cultural difference in the area being reported on.

I hope that these protests have begun to let people know that there is another side, a different view. The Cold War is over, it isn’t simply a debate about political ideology, or “Human Rights”, whatever they are. It is a time to listen and to learn.