On the way into Boston, we flew in using American Airlines who I’ve used before on my previous forays to the states. This time I have to say we were somewhat disappointed with the service. It wasn’t bad, but nor was it more then utilitarian. This on top of the very authoritarian approach (“Don’t wander around the cabin! If you need to go let somone know!”) and the so-called random searches imposed by the US Government at the gate of the plane didn’t get the tour off to a good start. Also so far my wife has been stopped both times going to the US and I’m really beginning to think it’s down to a ethnic/nation category, and certainly not random.

Then there was the plane. Thank goodness for Steve Jobs and the iPod Touch. The in-flight entertainment system was a wonderful NVOD-ish system, that barely worked. It also needed a 30 minute reboot. This was a bit of a shock considering the last AA 777  I was on that had a rather better experience. Maybe the destination is a lot more important and the Fort Worth crowd are worth the newer systems and Bostonians not. Hmm.

About 1hr out from Boston we got hit with a terrific gust of turbulence that knocked the stewardesses off their feet. It was an unsettling experience to say the least. We then came into land, which was a little bumpy but nothing remarkable. Except for the last 6/7 feet of descent which seemed to be best achieved vertically. Crash. I really, really, hope that they maintain the landing gear well. I also hope my back is ok :/

The gate was the last hurdle. This was not to be. We got to the gate only to find the air-bridge was broken, and the technician (they have only one!?!) no-where to be found. So we had to be towed (yes, towed) to the another gate. It was only when coming back to this airport to go to Seattle, that we realised it was owned by BAA. Says it all 😦