It’s currently raining this morning over Lake Sammamish, and people are asleep, unfortunately the same cannot be said for the animals.

So where am I ? Well I’m in a small town on the outskirts of Seattle. We’re here on the second leg of our US tour, with three flights down and three flights to go.

I’m visiting Mark and Kerry (who I’ve mentioned before) who apart from being our generous hosts, have introduced us to the great American pursuits of Baseball and eating s’mores. Although having said that, the local team Seattle Mariners has lost the last series to the Angels. Good for Kerry, bad for Mark. I’ll consider sides later.

On the way here we’ve sampled the delights of Boston, although not the Duck Tour (sorry Greg). We’ve enjoyed Boston, we stayed in the Bullfinch Hotel which was a nice cheap(ish) place in the North End of town. Tip: Ask for a room on the 8th Floor, the 9th is the top floor and has the air-con machinery on the top of it so is a bit noisy.

In the first two days we pretty much managed to walk most of the freedom trail and see the major points of interest without actually sticking to the trail. I have to agree that Quincy market is a good place to grab a bite without any of the hassle of trying a to find a restaurant. A good stop when you’ve just arrived, as its pretty hard to go wrong.

Another place that was great but not mentioned in the Lonely Planet, was the Custom House tower. Apart from being the first skyscraper in Boston, it is now a Marriott hotel with amazing views from the top. If you manage to get in (Kinley Square entrance), then if you talk to the lady at the front desk, then there might be  a chance of a tour up to the to of the tower where there is an observation deck. A pair of peregrine falcons are nesting there, so you might get to see the, unfortunately we did not 😦

The Boston Pictorial Tour is in the usual place 🙂