Just managed to catch up on Chris’ blog, and phew that’s a lot of writing, but then that’s a lot of life!

I’ve got a lot of sympathy for the job situation, I think it’s a matter of some public record that things are not all that great where I’m working and that’s down to the lack of clarity amongst other things. But before I land myself in the proverbial soup…

Today was a break from that and to go have a look around Kingston. The verdict is… “meh”. Sorry, you have the river, and some nice shops, but we will be getting our own version of Paul soon, so we might leave that one 🙂

Actually while I’m at it, big mention for a new culinary find in London, which turns out to be around the corner from my Chinese Class. The restaurant: Ten Ten Tei on Brewer street turns out to be a good choice for those wanting a decent Japanese meal without taking out a mortgage.

Ok, now time to tango with the Immigration authorities. Ok guys, Bring it!

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