Well I wish, but still people tout that idea of “Web 2.0” technologies, and services in the vain hope that someone somewhere understands what their crack-addled words mean. I mean, what the hell is “Web 2.0” !?!?!?

Is it a technology ? Well um… no. Is it a collection of technologies ? Hmm… not really, although it does have made up words (“folksonomy” !?!?! Oh come on now!).

What is has been used as, is a way of backing up bad business models in the vague hope that they might become a good idea. We’re drowning in free “social” networks that no-one has really learnt to make any money out of.

In years to come I think we’ll be wondering why the idea that throwing up a Website with a bunch of badly applied technologies (but they’re beta!) will bring some magic money your way and make you rich ever took hold. When did the sense that led to many of the industries around us desert us simply because someone connected a bunch of wires together to provide access to information in other places.

Even the so-called new models for the Internet are beginning to wane.

Ultimately business is around the idea of exchanging money or goods for services, and no amount of buzzwords will save you if no-one wants to buy your services. There is NO such thing as a free lunch.