So at work I have an aging Ubuntu desktop… by that I mean it’s a whole year and a half since I installed with 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon). Since I’ve had it, I’ve wanted to get my mail on it, for the simple reason that I can login into this box from outside the particular site I work at for the majority of the time.

Lately our local admins installed Exchange 2003, which was a departure from 5.5, which did improve things a lot (less then a thousand sync errors per day!) and also brought in OWA.

Aha, I though, now I can use Evolution with it’s nifty OWA plugin… and I can 🙂 So I have email, and it is much faster then Outlook which means I get time and CPU back to do other things on my other main desktop (yeah I have two…).

Now, a colleague sits next to me and has similar issues, so he’s looked into creating an Ubuntu box with the same kind of set-up. I’ve advised getting a newer version of Ubuntu as mine is old which he has done.

That was a mistake, what was a whole 10 mins setup for me is going to be about a week of pain simply because of this. Now why don’t I rely on Ubuntu as my mail desktop again… ?