Hmm I see it’s good I left my old blog, but for all the wrong reasons šŸ˜¦ I’ave also managed to miss the boat on an exchange programme between the EU and China. It does seem that despite the ‘huge’* amount of “social” noise, real information is still hard to find, and getting more elusive amidst the noise.

Gah! Try finding that nugget on Google if you don’t know the search terms and no-one links to it.

So, if you really want a two tier Internet, how about one where sites with relevant data can actually “announce” it to the world ? Suddenly, I have a plan.

*So in reality, given that Twitter et al are barely a few percent of the people out there, and unlimited (by which I mean all day access) internet is not available to anything like 60% of the earth’s population, we do make a lot of fuss about it…