For those who don’t know what this means you can go with:

Graceful Degradation- The ability of a system to enter an operational yet degraded state after the occurrence of a sequence of specified multiple faults. 

Although there are a number of other definitions, which all pretty much say the same.

This should be rule #1 for any website design, and the reason this is on my rant list today is that now I use NoScript, the amount of websites that just simply don’t work when their (overly copious) JavaScript is disabled is too high!

When did JavaScript become content ? I don’t buy the “if you turn it off, you don’t get the content” maxim. The Client Side code should enhance the content, it is not the content. The Web 2.0 disaster has some made it “ok” to make JavaScript the main attraction or simply hide the fact there is no content.

If you don’t have JavaScript, your site should still work. However your website uses HTML and you’re going to need to explain things if it works in only one browser…