I’ve recently got myself an iPhone. It has to be said that without using the iPod touch prior to this I might not have got one.

It is probably the best gadget I’ve ever invested real time in. I’ve had a Palm which fell into disuse due to the quirky input system and the synchronization hell I had to endure to get any sense of remote working. Smartphones on the other hand have generally never appealled to me as they were either too clunky or too slow.

It does make me think though; is it that good a device or that well timed a device ? With the iPhone I care less about the network which is now a connection provider, the phone is the draw and the functionality is down to Apple/appstore providers not O2. The wifi means I get a decent network terminal, Skype means I now have a good handset on the VoIP network, google maps and GPS gives me the ability to navigate and the camera and note taking means I have a PDA. On top of this I can listen to music and watch videos on the tube.

Hardly rocket science in some respects but yet it has only come together now. With this we might begin to see the start of some new thinking about the revenue models for telcos and what it means to be a handset provider. Hopefully the market gets the kick it needs to start more innovation in both functionality and services. Which makes me wonder, have BT beaten us to it ?