So today one of my colleagues came across an interesting report about search in the Central and Eastern European markets while looking for some information about how to use “special characters” in an input box with auto-complete.

Essentially the question we wanted to answer is, for a language with accented or other special characters how are things like auto-complete handled ? The answer was surprisingly simple, in a lot of cases we found the auto-complete “flattened” the characters

Now here I would say, we have a slight advantage over our US cousins in that in Europe everyone is (painfully) aware of the differences between the nations, which ironically is our commonality. We don’t all behave the same and you need to have a real feel for the local market to get your services right. This is still a mantra that needs to be repeated often enough when developing new solutions. Know your Market, Know your Customer, Know your client and above all Know your business!