As you may have read I recently got Calendars working, and yay, for I was organised… well ok, not as well organised as I could be, but better anyway.

I could read mail and create and review events and all was good. I even made this work with my iPhone and all was good.

Except it wasn’t… I’d followed the instructions over at Get Started with CalDAV – Google Calendar Help unquestioningly which was my first mistake. On my shiny Vista x64 installation, Thunderbird proceeded to misfire, managing to connect properly only once in every 3 or 4 application starts, with the Calendar bringing it down.

It reached a head today with Thunderbird having to have 10 restarts.

It has to be said I could find *NOTHING* about this on either Google or mozillaZine, and the few places I found a reference seemed to peter out… not sure why. Turning on the JavaScript console would only reveal that certain functions could not get access to data in local objects, rather then telling me about some more serious failure that had occurred in the connections.

Ok, enough, time to try a new approach. After creating a new profile for Thunderbird, I went for the instructions over at Lifehacker. I went through and noticed that rather then use the CalDAV option, a add-on that provided access to the Calendar data was preferred. And lo, installing the Provider for Google Calendar (0.5.1) add-on gave me a new option of “Google Calendar”. Following the instructions at the Mozilla Wiki (or the LifeHacker version since they are the same, although LifeHacker has pictures) it all works. Everytime…

Moral of this story ? Some better error reporting on network connections/data issues even if it is hidden under a details panel :/