Outlook 2010 is broken people! In what way ? Well it doesn’t render HTML… which is strange to me because it is an EMAIL client, not a web browser…

When did the idea of using a markup language that depends on server hosted artefacts become a sensible way of creating an email ? Unless you like being tracked in your inbox (yes this is why the images are not downloaded if your settings are smart) this is a really dumb idea. What exactly does HTML add to your words ?

So right now, 24,198 (at time of writing) want to Outlook to support “real” HTML, with “proper” CSS, and possibly… JavaScript. Can this nightmare get any worse ?!?

Well apparently it can’t, which is good. Not that I like RTF much either, I guess I’m an old-fashioned ASCII based luddite. Except nowadays I’m a UTF-8 based luddite.

It might be a little churlish to point out that approx 25,000 people is probably barely a fraction of the user base, and certainly not representative.

It has however demonstrated a couple of things: the idea of harnessing the community to provide news or trends is broken when it comes to twitter. You want to know what to fix when you have such a large and diverse user base ? The majority, not the noisy ones.