One thing I’ve noticed is that often larger corporations, especially those who have a large installed base seem to start “hating” their customers. Which is an opportune moment to read this.

Maybe I’m being a bit harsh. In media or TV it’s hard to determine what your customer wants, you can’t really invite several million people in and ask them. The first thing that might happen however is that your product design starts to reflect the “prejudices” of your business in terms of how you see your customers. The bigger the spread of “ability” – for want of a better word – the harder this is. If you sell something technology based, and your audience ranges across the entire population spectrum, you are likely to play to the majority share in that market, which can be frustrating for some as they think you are treating them like idiots, and others might think it’s too advanced.

The nice thing about competition is that it does work these niches out, and then provide impetus to address each part of the market appropriately.

The crazy thing is, your customers aren’t that bad. After all they pay you money. The tricky bit is figuring out what they want and what works for them.