Well this may be more an of an aide de memoire for me really. The goal is to start a bit more writing about things, partly to keep me active, and partly so I actually remember things I was doing or thinking about.

First up – what am I going to write about – this blocked the first many attempts at blogging, so in no particular order:

  • Regulation – sorta new for the blog and not new at all for me, hopefully interesting and the online reg presence is a bit limited? Or I’m looking in the wrong place – stay tuned.
  • Politics – well it had to happen, and it will although I’m probably going to be skirting it based on the stuff I know. Contraversial, eh?
  • Technology – still a techie really, as I said in So what happened in 2018 I’ve been learning some new things, so I’ll try and write about them. Also I’m getting into Home Automation, so that too.
  • Projects – I have a few things that I hopefully can write about that are self contained enough to do.
  • Other – There may be things that don’t fit in the buckets, but hey, not limiting it.

The aim will be to try and do at least one post a month. So with that in mind there is also a load of other work to be done:

  1. get a good adequate template for this blog
  2. Sort out the categories and tags – have too many categories, there should be 5, and many tags.
  3. order things somewhere that keeps track of it all – so far ClickUp is winning.
  4. link all my online things together so that google isn’t the sole arbiter of everything
  5. write it down!

So the other (major) point of this blog is to write things down so that I’m not holding them in my head all the time, which is generally bad for lots of reasons.