Seems like I’m doomed to revisit SSH regularly.

I’ve created some mount points for the Kano to use, but for “reasons”* the links don’t work meaning that any work created has to be taken off the kano either by manually running the mount point, or by running something like SFTP…

… which isn’t supported by Dropbear which is the implementation of SSH used by Kano.


Ok – fire up aptitude, and we can install open-ssh sftp server, we don’t need the open-ssh client, except we do because the packaging makes it a dependency and really, I just don’t have time for this.

So fix the issues around the dependency by having to downgrade open-ssh-client (ha.. what?), apply and wait for the package to install. On a side note, that “matrix” style screen saver murders the CPU, so be aware of that when you’re using remote login.

Once this is all done, fire up your favourite SFTP client, and away you go.

As to why didn’t I run the mount manually – it adds a step to go via the file server – in this case it wasn’t helpful since I needed to edit/change before submitting elsewhere.

*no reason I can find, it just seems to fail, I suspect timing and/or timeouts in the init flow.